NHS staff being advised to ignore parents’ wishes if children self-declare as different gender, guidance shows

The policy of Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust states: “Where appropriate the wishes of the parents must be considered, but in the case of young people their preference should prevail.” It adds: “In some instances, parents or those with parental responsibility may have a view that is not consistent with the child’s view. If possible, the child’s preference should prevail even if the child is not Gillick competent.”

At Homerton University Hospitals Trust, staff are told to defer to teenagers regarding the pronouns by which they wish to be known even if parents object.

And in its policy referring to Transgender People (including Children and Young People), North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust states: “The views of the transgender person must take precedence over family members where these are not the same.”

The same trust’s approach to single sex wards for young people may give cause for concern to parents.

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